6th Month: June’s Tradition and Practices

At St. Simeon Skete, June is dedicated as the Month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


In the above collage, Seraphim is showing us the statue of the Sacred Heart that means so much to him. This statue has been carried through Africa and now resides at the skete. No one wanted this statue as it sat, dusty and stuffed behind other items, at an Antique store. But Seraphim was drawn to it. He bought it, brought it home and sat it next to his chair. In pondering the statue and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, he noticed the hand normally pointing to the heart was missing. He wondered, “What happened to your hand, Jesus?” a reply was “My hand is not missing, you are to be My hand, pointing everyone to My heart.”

So today, we celebrate the Sacred Heart of Jesus and we point others toward It… because “there is room” always in His heart for us all.

Jesus -Sacred Heart

On Pentecost Sunday (if it falls in June), those of us involved in the Skete’s Spirituality draw out Flames – the gifts of the Holy Spirit that have been placed in a burlap bag.  The gift that we draw out from the bag, is ours to learn, study and inwardly digest throughout the coming year. We are to find Scriptures on our Gift and use them to guide us through the year until we draw a new flame on the next Pentecost Sunday.