Nazareth House Apostolate’s Monthly Traditions

NHA has many traditions. Some are unique to the us, others are carried from our heritage out of Egypt, through the desert up into Ireland and are continue expressing here in Kentucky.


A Syrian friend of ours who is in refugee status in Oman, felt the need to impress upon us, the necessity to hold and keep the traditions of our faith.  She said that ISIS and the secularism of the world wants to erase the memory of practices and traditions of the past in order to enable their agenda to look or seem  “normal”, a desensitization of morality and what is right.   This strong and courageous woman has lost her husband to ISIS,  fled to safety alone with her children through bombings and extreme distress.  With the utmost respect, Nazareth House Apostolate heeds her words.  Each month you will find our traditions, here on our website.   Traditions and History are vitally important to the future.