And the work continues ….

Nazareth House Apostolate is about love – love for God expressed in His children, all over the world.  And as we hold each other up in prayer, we also keep one another’s daily labor in mind.  

Waiting for James’ plane to arrive, SDF (Louisville International Airport) Nov. 2010

What happens to those involved in NHA Kabala is of concern to those of us in America who give support to that work.   

Meeting James at the Airport: Nov 2010

And what happens in America at St. Simeon Skete is important to those we serve in Kabala.   

James and Archbishop Provence Meet:  Jan 2011

It is a relationship, a day to day, ongoing family bond.  This is a unique situation, where we are in tune with each other, knowing and praying for each others day – many miles and an ocean apart.  

Welcoming James to America:  November 2010

The NHA Supporters have provided the funding to complete the WELL at the NHA Compound.   

James and some children at the well in Kabala

This well will not only provide water for use at the NHA COMPOUND but also the NHA SCHOOL and the neighboring villagers.   

well in back of Kabala NHA Compound

Most of the wells in the area are dry, but ours is very deep and will provide water.   

We have hit water, our well is very very deep


We are looking at a few more weeks before the tank is in place and the job totally finished, however, our well-diggers are making excellent progress.   

well at Kabala NHA Compound


Our staff, our friends and family, the students and teachers, all send their thanks and love for your kind assistance in providing this well.  

March 2nd wall cloud as it developed into a funnel cloud.


The people of Kabala are aware of the recent storms over St. Simeon Skete and the damage to the buildings.   

Louie Leger of Bone Dry Roofing examining the roof of the Kellia(white circles indicate hail damage)



As we want the best for them, likewise they want the best for us.  Its that “family thing” of NHA.   So when they heard there was damage to our roofs and buildings by the excessive hail (golf ball to tennis sized hail), they worried.   They know that Seraphim is handy with tools and they were worried that he would be doing the repair work by himself.  When they found out we have a thing called “insurance” that enables contractors to do the work, they were relieved.  


One Hut Village thanking Bone Dry Roofing, especially Louie for all the work he has done for us


So when Louie Leger and John 



of Bone Dry Roofing 

Close up of the sign they are holding.




came out to examine the roofs and give us an estimate, they were very thankful.   


And then when Insurance Adjuster Gene (Floyd) Braxton was called in by State Farm Insurance Company and came along with Joe and Kevin, 

Gene Braxton on roof, Kevin keeping an eye on him.




the people in Kabala knew that these people were here to help us, just as we all have been there to help them.  

Joe carefully watches Gene on the roof. Seraphim and Louie (Bone Dry Roofing) are there, too.


They were fascinated by the ropes 

The Adjusters and our Roofing Contractor examining damage.


and thought Gene looked like Spiderman as he clung to the rope and navigated the roof.


Roo, who is the Official Spiderman of West Africa 

Roo in (Freetown) in his Spiderman Costume


was thrilled to see that we also have a Spiderman at the Skete.  

He was wondering however, why our Skete Spiderman did not wear his mask!  ha ha.  

Roo in his “spidey” costume


Never the less the well, the roofs, all gave opportunity for the NHA Family to work together holding each other up while the exterior work is being done.  

There is no distance when you care for each other.   


And those in Kabala share their thanksgiving for the work being done at the Skete. 


Just as the NHA Supporters in America give thanks for the work being done in Kabala.   Togetherness, family …love.  


Children thank the Insurance Adjusters for checking into our claim



The roofs  being repaired at the skete and the well being completed in Kabala is exterior tasks.  Conversely, the interior life is being worked on at St. Simeon Skete.  A life which seeks God in everything, a life of prayer – the practice of living in the presence of God is ongoing and growing.   

The whole picture comes into focus, inside and out, the Martha (busy about many things) and the Mary (chosen the better thing) blended together, existing side by side.


Thank you all for being part of 

Nazareth House Apostolate.  

We love you all. 



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