The Sacred Heart and Empty Cups

Nazareth House Apostolate
The Feast of The Sacred Heart of Jesus
July 1, 2011
Dear Friends,
I have told this story before but it bears repeating.   It should be pondered with an exposed heart much like Jesus, as represented in the “Sacred Heart of Jesus” artwork. 
Jesus’ heart is not hidden or protected, its right out front, exposed, vulnerable so that it can absorb our pain, our sorrows.  It is that kind of heart that will hear this story and understand.
Some years back while Fr. Seraphim and I were in Kabala, Sierra Leone we had purchased rice to give each child a cup or so to take home to supplement their families food supply.  The children were lined up to receive their allotment of rice.  A child was given a cup of rice and then moved on as the next one received theirs.  As the line grew and the supply of rice began to shrink, the unthinkable became reality.  We ran out of rice—and there stood 20 or 30 children with empty cups in hand.  These kids were hungry and there is nothing sadder than the faces of hungry and sick children being told there is no more rice.   Standing there we looked on in horror.  We didn’t have the resources to buy more rice, there was nothing we could do.  I began to cry.   I thought, “How could this be?”  and I thought “God never runs out”, and then I thought again, “at a certain level, God does run out when he runs out of: 
  • · Our Generosity
  • · Our Sacrifice
  • · Our Trust and faith
And when this happens, then God becomes the hungry and sick child who runs out of rice.  (Matthew 25:35…) and He is also at the same time, the rescuer in us, because at the moment I was feeling such pain for these hungry children with no rice, something beautiful happened.  Without any adult prompting, the children who had already received their rice turned back and began sharing their rice with the children who had empty cups.  They, without any thought, just instinctively began dividing what they had with those without. 
For sixteen months now we have been attempting to raise the funds to complete the compound and move NHA to Kabala.  The city of Kabala and the surrounding villages are in great need.  There is much to be done to assist the people.  In order to dive into  meeting those needs we must first finish the construction of the NHA Compound.  We still need $12,380 to pay off the contractor.  Then we will never have to pay housing again, nor rent!  Goal accomplished.
I am aware that with such great need, there will never be enough to come to the aid of everyone we meet.  However, I pray that your heart will be opened to generously give so that we are not facing empty cups but instead sharing what we have with those who have not. 
Our plan to accomplish this goal is to enlist 1000 people (family units) giving at least $25 per month.  This would enable us to continue and enlarge our humanitarian aid work, better equip and expand the NHA School as well as feed, clothe and shelter those who have yet to be reached in the villages.  If you are not already part of the monthly donation for Nazareth House, please consider doing so today.  Whatever you decide, whatever the amount – we are in great need of your help today.
If you are already pledging and contributing monthly support, thank you very much. We ask that you see your way clear to give a little extra this month to help complete the NHA Compound while Nazareth House  continues to provide the humanitarian aid, pay teachers salaries, open doors through education and spread a little love to our brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone.  Thank you for your prayers and support.
May God bless you, always.
Being absorbed into His mercy,
Vicki Hicks
 Mail checks to:
185 Captains Cove Drive
Taylorsville, KY 40071 
make  a donation with your credit card
through the PayPal link on our website
Monthly donations can be made through your online banking “BillPay:.  Simply sign NHA up as one of your automatic monthly deductions.   You only need our name and address, your bank does the rest including mailing the check and paying the postage!   
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