Blogging from Freetown to Kabala (Part I)

On the way out of Freetown we get a good view of living conditions in Freetown and its outskirts, passing the giant new Mosque, a gift to Sierra Leone of Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi, we drive on towards the up-country, the upper Provinces. Not far out of Freetown, we begin to see palm tree forests, thatched huts and more simpler living situations.There is a juncture point, between the Capital City and meeting the town of Makeni, that Fr. Seraphim traditionally crosses the bridge. He gets out of the car and walks across. We take advantage of the stop to visit with the merchants and buy roasted corn, bananas etc. off of their heads.Once back on the road we pass more palm tree forests and some absolutely beautiful scenery. The beaches of Sierra Leone are spectacular, however, the mountains of which Sierra Leone is named “Mountain Lion”, have majestic beauty of their own. The highway at this stage of the journey, is not bad, in fact it is quite good. We are traveling at a decent speed and making good time at this point. Another plus is that its a sunny day. Thatch home after thatch home we make our way to Kabala. Passing a small village we realize it is time for one of Fr. Seraphim’s Prayer Offices. We stop at one of the homes and we are graciously welcomed. They are honored to have him pray on their property This gives us the opportunity to meet with the people and evaluate their needs. It expands our NHA family and allows us to add new faces to those we serve.Before we leave we notice the tires on our compact car
They are bald, hmmmm…Oh well, loaded to the max with people and supplies we say a prayer and take the luck of the road on to Kabala. We know full well that the road ahead of us is really bad condition…

T.I.A. This Is Africa
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